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  1. Any officer, who is in charge of a police station or an investigating officer, has the authority to conduct search of any place situated within the jurisdiction of his police station for anything connected with the offence.
  2. It is necessary that the police officers concerned should show their identity cards before conducting search. Similarly, their nameplates, along with their designations should also be displayed on their uniforms.
  3. You are within your right to check and search the raiding party before they start search.
  4. While conducting a search two respectable panchas/witnesses should remain present.
  5. After the completion of a search, the officer concerned must prepare a search-panchanama detailing therein the particulars of the seized articles and obtain there upon the signatures of the two panchas/witnesses and the owner. The panchanama of the seized articles must be prepared at the site itself.
  6. Demand a copy of the said panchanama. It is your right.
  7. The procedure detailed herein above is applicable for physical search also.